What Size Storage Unit Do You Need?

How Do You Know What Size Storage Space to Rent?

Chances are renting a self storage unit is not something you do every year. So, choosing the right size storage unit may be difficult. Most first-time storage space renters either rent too little space (and can’t get to anything without pulling it all out) or rent too much space (forgetting to load the unit vertically)…We want you to rent just the right size unit, so we’ve prepared some tips:


 Tips for Choosing a Storage Unit:

1. Choose a conveniently Located Storage Facility. Ideally, you will want your storage unit should be convenient to your current location or final destination for convenience. Your storage unit should make the contents accessible any time of the year.

3. Get enough Storage Space, But Not Too Much. Stack your contents vertically in sturdy boxes or totes, creating columns whenever possible, you will be glad you did during inclement weather (especially in the cold months!) as this will minimize the need to remove and re-pack your unit when retrieving or adding items.

Residential Storage Rental Tips:

When renting storage for household or personal contents, pack household items in sturdy boxes or totes that are stackable. Place items you think you may need access to toward the front of the storage space. Or rent a unit large enough unit to leave an aisle  or path to allow easy access to contents in the storage unit, without having to pull everything out just to find seasonal clothing, kitchen appliance or file box.

Commerical Storage Rental Tips:

When storing files or inventory for a business, you will want to rent a unit large enough to create aisles or access to your contents. Be sure to use sturdy boxes, crates or containers that are clearly labeled and organize accordingly in your storage unit for easy access.

4. Be Comfortable With Storage Facility Security. Many people don’t think about security until their belongings have been stacked and left in the storage unit. Fortunately, today most storage facilities offer some level of security. You probably want your storage unit to include video surveillance, on-site security, indoor facilities or gated access.

5. You Keep The Key – Always! When renting self storage space, it is recommended you purchase your own lock and keep all keys.

5. More Self Storage Tips…

  • Decide between indoor or outdoor access to your storage unit.
  • Is storage unit floor close to the floor or ground level for easy load and unload?
  • Rent a storage space with flexible terms (month to month is typical).
  • Pay as you go, and choose a storage facility with online payments if possible so you aren’t making unncessary trips in inclement weather.

We offer these Self Storage Tips to assist you in selecting a storage space suited to your needs. We do highly recommend that you consult an experienced trusted storage rental professional to properly assess your needs before entering in to a storage rental agreement.

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